Many OA members and newcomers are new to Zoom meetings. This page contains optional resources. Take what you like and leave the rest. Using new technology can feel overwhelming, but give yourself a chance and you will get comfortable quickly. This is a we program and we will help.

There are online Zoom Tutorials which may be helpful for people who are new to this way of attending meetings. Some meetings have a meeting host online early, to help new folks learn how to use Zoom. Almost all Zoom meetings can be attended on computer, pad, smartphone.

You can also participate in a Zoom meeting using a telephone for audio only.

Here are instructions for hosting and ideas for how to use Zoom and follow the Traditions.

This Optional Zoom Meeting Format may be useful for online meetings.

Zoom operates differently depending upon what device you are using. There are a few things you should know: 

– You can turn your camera and your microphone on and off. On most computers this is found at the bottom left of your screen.

– There is a chat box, which you can access by hovering your cursor over the bottom of the screen (on phones it may be found elsewhere). Some meetings use the chat for a sign in list, so that participants can contact each other after the meeting. Some use it for tech support, others discourage use of the chat, and see it as crosstalk. This is up to each individual meeting.

-In some meetings the host mutes and unmutes participants, in others each participant does their own muting. There is also a section called Participants, found at the bottom of your screen. When you bring up participants you can see all the names, and you can also raise your hand to be called on (not all meetings use this function).

-Be aware that you are visible to the other participants (if you have a camera) anytime you haven’t turned video off. Again, each meeting operates differently. In some, most people keep their cameras on, in others, they only do when they are speaking. It is best if you don’t have a bright light or window behind you. Be aware that if you are moving around it can be distracting to other participants.

-Make sure your microphone is muted anytime there is background noise in your location (dogs barking, kids, TVs, etc) As in a live meeting, make sure your phone isn’t going to ring out loud. Protect the anonymity of other meeting attendees by participating in a private location if possible;, and using headphones if there are others around you who could hear other participants’ shares.

 Meeting links are posted on the Meetings Calendar.  Meeting IDs and passwords are also listed as an alternative way to log in.

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