The mailing address for Oregon Intergroup is PO Box 2429, Portland OR 97208. Call 971-317-6343 to contact someone who can tell you more about OA.

You can reach board members, services, and committee chairs by email:


Position Name Email
Chair Liz S
Co-Chair Roseanne K
Secretary Pat O
Treasurer Deborah R
Vice Treasurer Dorothy
Group/Meeting Coordinator Nancele
Delegate Chair Liz
Events Coordinator Christina U
Member At Large VACANT

Service People

Position Name Email
Meeting of the Month Jim C
Webmaster Lisa J
Sponsor List Cindy J
Network/Info Line MerleAnn
CD Library Jan E

Committee Chairs

Position Name Email
Serenity Retreat Chair Nicole S
Speaker Meeting Kym L
Public Info/Professional VACANT
Literature VACANT
Young People VACANT
12th Step Within VACANT
Ways and Means VACANT
Delegate MerleAnn
Delegate VACANT
Delegate VACANT
Delegate VACANT
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