Welcome group treasurers! This page is a place to look for the information you need to carry out your group’s group conscience about distributing your 7th traditions. 

The World Service Office has information for group treasurers, and most of it is available in a document called Treasurer Guidelines

In OA, we suggest that after your group pays its bills and has a prudent reserve set aside, you pass on any additional money to your Intergroup, your Region, and World Service. The suggestion is to keep 2-3 months of expected expenses as a prudent reserve.

After your prudent reserve is accounted for, then donate:

60% from your group to Oregon Intergroup

10% from your group to Region One

30% from your group to the World Service Office

These links take you to a page where you can either click a button to donate, or you can find the mailing address or donation form to send a check to each organization.

Thank you for your service!

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