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Oregon Intergroup serves OA groups from Longview to Salem and from the Coast to Mt. Hood. We provide liability insurance, a non-profit tax ID number for bank accounts, newcomer and speaker meetings, meeting directories and a CD library. We host special events, maintain the phone line, web site and Gmail group so that the members and groups we serve have as many recovery resources as possible.

Individuals and groups can donate to Oregon Intergroup. It is suggested that each group donate regularly, perhaps once a month or once each quarter. Generally, a group would keep a prudent reserve of about 3 months’ basic expenses, and then send the remaining money on to Intergroup, Region One, and the World Service Office. Usually, 60% of the money is sent to Oregon Intergroup, 30% sent to the World Service office, and 10% sent to Region One.

For donations to Oregon Intergroup, you can send a check to Oregon Intergroup OA, PO Box 2429, Portland, OR 97208. Or use the link below to donate via PayPal.

Please give as if your life depended on it.

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