Oregon Intergroup maintains two resources on the web to help our members connect and support each other, and to provide information about events, activities, and resources.

The first is this web site. We hope you find a lot of good information on it! Please let the webmaster know if you can’t find something or have a suggestion for something else that we can add to make it more useful.

The second is a Yahoo group named OregonOA. Keeping a Yahoo group lets Oregon Intergroup have an email mailing list and a place to store files that members can access.

As a member, you get email messages that are sent to the whole group, and you can send email messages to the whole group. These emails are considered like a meeting: we share our own experience, strength and hope and we keep the focus on OA. Emails also announce upcoming events and deadlines.

Members can also access file storage where Oregon Intergroup keeps our business documents: minutes of Intergroup meetings, flyers for events past and upcoming, bylaws, policies and so on.

To become a member of the group, send an email to oregonoa-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. A moderator must approve the membership. You might get an email back from a moderator asking a little about your OA experience to verify that you are a member of OA. This make sure we keep spam out of the group.