Both Washington and Oregon Are now the subject of “Shelter in place/Stay at home” orders by their respective governors. Therefore, there will be no face to face OA meetings or workshops until these orders are lifted.

Click on the link below for a list of phone and Zoom meetings.
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COVID-19 “Stay at Home” Meeting List 4.5.20

NOTE: The Intergroup Meeting scheduled for 4/8/20 has been re-scheduled to 4/15/20. Information on how to connect using Zoom will be posted here as soon as it is available.

This is the most recent list of Zoom and phone meetings. All Zoom meetings now require a password. Some meetings have chosen to not publish the password or the password inclusive link. Please contact the person listed as the meeting’s Virtual Contact. If the meeting does not have a virtual contact listed, you may consult the meeting list below entitled Oregon Intergroup OA Meetings, for the meeting contact. Updates will be posted as soon as they are received. Updated meeting info to

Current information on meetings and events can be obtained by joining the OAIG Yahoo Group. To subscribe to that group, send an email to

More Telephone & Zoom (OA HOW) Meetings

Overeaters Anonymous World Service has a listing of all meetings worldwide: in-person, telephone, online and other: All meetings at the World Service website

Please note that the face-to-face meetings on the list below are all CLOSED during the Shelter in Place/Stay at Home orders. This document remains posted because it has information on trusted servants and other Oregon OA Intergroup information. Any updates to meetings should be sent to Oregon Intergroup OA Meetings