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January 11, 2017

We have a deadline coming up for World Service Business Conference (WSBC) 2017. Each year, intergroups and service bodies can submit a motion that they want considered during the conference. Before the motion can make it on the agenda, every intergroup and service body can vote to put the motion on the agenda or leave it off.

The Agenda Questionnaire for WSBC 2017 is now available. I have attached the summary and motion statements for your review. As an Intergroup, we need to vote on whether the issues on the agenda questionnaire are important enough to OA as a whole to be considered at WSBC. We are not voting for or against any issue.

Please bring the agenda questionnaire to your meetings and ask which items your meeting wants to go forward. It is very important to emphasis that we are not voting for or against an issue! We are only voting to put the issue on the agenda.

Our questionnaire is due March 2, 2017. This means we have to cast our votes as an intergroup at our February meeting.

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